Recently, I had the opportunity to be motivated by my amazing sister-in-law, Claire Simmons. Do you ever find yourself just going through the motions? Not setting or reaching for new goals? Well guess what, it happens! That’s when you find someone you know who is into health and wellness that can help recharge you. Take some quality time to embrace their healthy routine and outlook on life. Get new ideas, start implementing new small healthy habits, try new products or foods.

Here are 5 simple new healthy habits to add to your routine to help you get back on track:

1) Start your day with 2 drops of essential oil lemon water before you grab a cup of coffee.

2) Shop at your local farmers market for all your weekly organic veggies, fresh eggs, and try some of their healthy new items and supplements.

3) Focus on disengaging from all your electronics a few hours before bedtime. Relax with your loved ones, read a book, meditate, or just sit and take some deep breaths.

4) Set new goals for just that day. What could you do better and improve on that individual day. Stay in the day, and better yet in the moment.

5) Take inventory of what vitamins and minerals you’re ingesting into your body daily. How does your body feel? How much energy do you have? How is your attitude? Occasionally regroup to see what needs to change.

Every now and then I too need to be recharged so I can in turn recharge you, my clients and friends. If you need a little help recharging, or getting back on track with your health and wellness goals feel free to contact me to see how myself or one of my amazing trainers can help.

And remember, Be Stronger Everyday!


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