Andrea Tagalog has worked in the health industry since 1998.     

She has received her BA, as well as certifications in Sports medicine, Physical Fitness, Behavior management, Psychology and currently pursuing her Master’s Degree.

With an extensive background in Kinesiology, Psychology, Rehab modalities, and techniques, and the functions of the brain, she is fascinated by the human body, its ability to heal itself and the various ways that people think differently about their health.

She combines knowledge and experience to create a customized, successful, goal oriented program that is safe and perfect for each individual to develop a healthy lifestyle for years to come.
Andrea’s an inspirational force!

Through her experience, she has motivated others to overcome their Fitness hardships. A single mother of 4, whose motto is: “Prevention is better than cure; life is what we make it, what we do affects how we feel.”

Andrea will share her proven formula for success–unveiling the power you hold within to see beyond adversity to recognize a healthier, happier, longer living YOU!

To speak to Andrea, call now at (760) 659-0082.