This is a little reminder to stay motivated with your healthy lifestyle.

So many people want to give up their program way to soon. You need to find other ways to keep going.

Here are some of my suggested ideas to try if you feel like you’re not seeing results.

  1. jumping-stairs-workout-outsideSwitch up your routine. Whether it’s changing your times, your routine, your exercises or just your intensity.
  2. Set a weekly goal. Give yourself one goal at a time. It could be something as small as 1 minute plank a day and increase 10 secs per day, do 5-10 push-ups everyday for 1 week, etc. Then change new goal the following week.
  3. Change your foods up. Switch different meals, fruits, veggies, meats etc. even cook things different. Use different spices. Keep it fresh!
  4. Find a friend to train with. Make competitions with each other or even a group of friends.
  5. Get outside and train!!! San Diego is one of the most beautiful and mild climates in the world. Enjoy the great outdoors!
  6. If you’re not working with a trainer, hire one now. Trainers always keep it fun and challenging. Look for our internet specials.
  7. Reward yourself more with special things like massages, acupuncture, a new outfit, manicure or pedicure. Set a goal, then reward yourself. (This should go without saying, but please don’t use food as a reward.)

I know it’s hard some days, you have good days bad days. But you must stay focused one day at a time. Healthy lifestyle means it’s for life! You must do something to better your mind, body and soul every single day. If you have a bad day, get up and start over the very next day. Be nice to yourself and just try. DFC is always here for help and motivation! Don’t hesitate to give us a call.